Real VS Fake

We get a lot of questions asking whether the Tinkles on Amazon are authentic or not. Our store does not sell Tinkles on Amazon. PLEASE be careful when purchasing from other stores. 

We get a lot of customer complaints who buy from other websites. They have cut themselves, blades are dull, blades have no safety cover or they do not receive their orders. Sorry, we can not help in this situation.


There is counterfeit websites selling fake Tinkle razors claiming to be real or authentic. Take the time to research and take care of your skin! 


There are different versions of authentic packaging. Below are ways to tell the differences between real Tinkles and fakes.



Packages display Dorco sign in the top left corner (some still have on the bottom right.) If you look on the back of the package the lady’s hair pictured should be grey not black. This is one of the most common ways to tell. 

The blade pictured on the middle left should be white with grey stainless steel safety cover.

Please note this product will always have the stainless steel safety cover attached to each blade to protect sensitive skin and prevent the blade from cutting.

We do get complaints from people who have purchased from Amazon and it does not have the safety cover just the blade and they have cut themselves. That is extremely dangerous and will cause damage to your skin. Pictured above is an unsafe blade.